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About Us:
Established in 1988, the Sweetwater Camera Club, Inc. is a Douglasville, Georgia-based group of photo enthusiasts. We are a rapidly growing family-friendly camera club west of Atlanta in Douglas County, Georgia.  Our members are comprised of photography enthusiasts—novice through advanced.  Sweetwater Camera Club, Inc. is an excellent forum for expanding your vision as a photographer, learning new techniques and sharing your work.  We host a wide variety of interesting, motivating, and educational presentations, competitions, critiques, and exhibits throughout the year.

Join us as our guest to see for yourself how this process can inspire and assist you. We are looking forward to seeing you soon. Bring a friend!

Mission Statement:
The purpose of the Sweetwater Camera Club, Inc. is to share and promote the art and science of photography in a variety of styles and formats and to provide a forum for sharing their photos with others for the visual education, enjoyment and recreation as individuals, club members, and as a part of the community.

The Sweetwater Camera Club, Inc. is an unpaid volunteer organization. We appreciate the help, resources, and many contributions from our volunteers. If you would like to serve the club, please let one of the officers know. The Sweetwater Camera Club president, who is a member of all committees, makes volunteer assignments where needed.

Social Media – Facebook: A Closed Group Facebook is available for members. Only members can see posts. Paid members must request to join.
Search Facebook: Sweetwater Camera Club – Official Club Site

Members of:

  • North Georgia Camera Club Council  (NG3C) 2007 – 2019  www.northgeorgiacameraclubcouncil.org
  • Douglas County Chamber of Commerce – 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018
  • Cultural Arts Council Satellite of Douglasville/Douglas County, Georgia – 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019

2019 Officers:

Janet Newton
The President resides at all meetings, administers the affairs of the club, and coordinates the activities of the Board of Directors.
Tawni Blamble
Vice President

The Vice President assists the chairmen of all the committees as needed and maintains an inventory of club property, and records competition results.

Pam Steinbruck
The Treasurer keeps accurate account of receipts and disbursements, is the custodian of all funds, and pays bills and expenditures.
Dawn Horrex
The Secretary keeps an accurate record of the actions of the Board of Directors and the club’s meetings and maintains membership records.
Tena Kennedy
Asst. Secretary

The Asst. Secretary assists the secretary to accurately record the actions of the Board of Directors, club’s meetings, maintains membership and records for competition results

2019 Committee Members:

Hospitality CommitteeDiane Yancey, Deborah Wofford, Crystal Berry
Director of PublicationsStella Spyrou
Exhibit DirectorTawni Blamble
Cultural Arts Council LiaisonTawni Blamble
Technology FacilitatorJames Bender
One-on-One MentorGreg Knobloch
White Glove CommitteeGary Bowlick, Jeanne Walden, Lorie Duke, Ted Boemanns